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her tattoo on ‘practice skin’    her tattoo art   source
Submitter Comment: This is Bianca aka the tumblr famous vilehumanity. She was on her before for her lobes and threw a bitch fit over it. Now she’s doing home tattoos with a gun she bought online and posting them all over her instagram. That all seeing eye is wonky as hell and, not to be rude, but all of her tattoo sketches are wonky and in need of work. But the thing is, in addition to having a really nice sleeve done IN A NICE SHOP, she also claims to love and respect body modification. If that were so, WHY THE HELL IS SHE UNTRAINED, UNPROFESSIONAL AND DOING HOME TATTOOS. And what’s worse is that she’s so tumblr famous she’ll inspire all of her fans to get shitty at home hipster tattoos without thinking of the disease and regret that could come later.
What’s Awful: Doing at home tattoos with a machine bought online with no training and definitely not with proper sanitation. Her tumblr fame will influence tons of uneducated hipster teens to ruin their skin and potentially their lives.
How It Can Be Fixed: DON’T DO YOUR OWN TATTOOS IN YOUR HOME WITH NO TRAINING. Instead of buying a tattoo machine, save up money to get tattoos at a shop.


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